A BIG thank you to my community!



I am amazed by how many people have contributed to this goal of mine. It’s truly humbling. As many of you know, I am extremely dedicated to this cause – raising money for brain cancer research and proton radiation therapy at MGH. MGH is a national leader in clinical research and the development of experimental therapeutics for brain tumors. I have had such an amazing experience there (well, minus the whole brain tumor thing…) that I want to help raise funds to further their progress.

What is most touching about this goal of mine is how many people from all walks of life have contributed to my campaign. Friends, family, my local community … it’s absolutely incredible!

One example of this is Grimsby’s in Stoneham (right on the Melrose line!). They’re our local pub and we are there probably 2-3 times a week. This past weekend, they had a parking lot yard sale where people could sell belongings. I asked if I could come with the bracelets I make and sell for cancer research, and they said yes! So, 8am on Sunday morning, my mom, Steven (pictured behind the booth!) and I set up a table:

After the sale (where we raised over $200 for MGH!) my family and I went into the restaurant for lunch, and a couple of the bartenders and waitresses immediately came over and said they wanted to purchase rope bracelets! I still had a lot left, so one of the girls who we see all the time asked if she could put my sign up behind the bar to help sell them. I OBVIOUSLY said THANK YOU and YES!

When we walked into Grimsby’s last night for dinner, she immediately came running over and said they had sold all of the bracelets! So, she didn’t just put the sign out – she was telling people about them and actively selling them! What an amazing thing to do. That, to me, is above and beyond!! THANK YOU, Grimsby’s!!

The other piece of this that has been incredible to see is how many people from over the years have found my blog, found out about my cause and have contributed. Donations and bracelet purchases have been coming in from all over the place! People from the neighborhood I grew up in and haven’t lived in for over 10 years. Old college friends. My real estate agent. Friends from Berwick Academy. Girls I used to play ice hockey with. New friends here in Melrose. Old friends who are still here in Melrose. My younger cousin. Grimsby’s manager. Former Adaptive partners. Friends from the brain cancer community. My in-laws from San Diego.

I am so lucky to have such a broad network (I like the word community better), and that everyone is willing to donate to such a great cause!

Thank you, everyone – we’re halfway to the goal and I still have eight months until the race!!!


Forever grateful,



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